2nd January 1:43pm

Well Garry, this is it. I meant what I said when New Year’s came, as I held your cravat out of the way with you crouched over that toilet in Soho. Us Life On Mars D.C.I Tyler-style admen have to stick together in this new world of retweeting and Sky Plus. And that Web Twenty thing I keep reading about.

Anyway, I’ve set up this blog as a way of recording our thoughts – and perhaps even generating a bit of interest in the agency before launch. After all, we’re not much yet.

Incidentally, I had a bit of a think about the name. “Campbell Lace” is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Just having our names is fairly 90s – not the sort of thing we want to be associated with. I’ve jazzed it up; since we’re “still in development”, as it were, what about ... Campbell Lace Alpha? Perhaps that sounds pretentious but let’s use it as a working title. I’m sure we’ll think of something more creative before long.
What do you think of the blog?

5th January 5:55pm

Rob, I love it! You’re as shrewd as they come. As shrewd as a… vole. I don’t know. I would kill for your writing talents. But I won’t; you’re a good friend. You’ve always been there for me, even in the period with the… well, you know. Campaign might be reading this. Anyway, now we finally have the chance to realise my vision. Our vision, I mean.

So let’s get started. We need a game-changing model for the agency. Let’s treat this like a brainstorm. As soon as one of us has an idea, just post it up, okay?


14th February 10:49am

Happy Valentine’s Day, Robert!

Haha, just my little joke there. Don’t sweat it, guy! So it looks like we didn’t do so well on the whole ideas thing. That’s okay! I drew up this “scamp” (is that the right word? Oh, you creative types!) on a napkin I found:

Ignore the phone number. So how about that, huh? The Media Maypole. (Oh yes – if you go off to found another agency, I have dibs on this idea. Naughty!)
So what do you think, buddy? Pretty nice, right?

15th February 11:34am

Garry, that’s very… nice. But don’t we really need to come up with, you know, an idea?


15th February 11:36am

Oh, that stuff? Give me a couple of weeks to formulate a proposition. Easy-peasy.


1st March 2:34pm

Here you go, partner!

There are other round, fun things out there but I don’t think any alliterate with ‘media’. Not in my rhyming dictionary, anyway.

-Garry xx

1st March 4:12pm

Garry, why am I not convinced? Anyway it’ll do for now. Never mind though, I’ve got big news. You’ll never guess who’s having trouble with their agency – Innocent! We’d be perfect for them. Just think – me with my ideas, them with the money, and you with your… napkins.

This is exactly the kind of client we have to go for, Garry. Otherwise we’ll have to go back to selling… gambling or something. I don’t think I could take that. Not again.


8th April 11:03am

Rob, have I got a concept for you! (I have, that's what we in the suits trade call a rhetorical question).
Look at this – a fresh, happening, innocent new image for Campbell Lace Alpha!

See, I’ve drawn little faces on the name and stuff. They’ll love it. Also, I commissioned an artist to draw edgy pictures of us. Unfortunately I kept asking him to redo my eyebrows, and he charges by the hour… but don’t worry, I finished yours off. Maybe I could’ve been one of you creative boys, eh? No need to thank me!

-Garry Lace, Artiste ;)

8th April, 11:05am

Garry, what the hell IS that? I look like a polo with eyes. Change it. NOW.


8th April, 12:05pm

Okay, okay. Yeesh. I've replaced it with a photo.


8th April 12:07pm


8th April 12:30pm

Duncan who? You mean that’s not you in Dragons’ Den? I thought maybe you could do that angry Scottish shouting thing when clients get arsey, and get Evan Davies to answer our phones by going “Welcome… to Duh-ragons’ Den” in that sarcastic voice of his.
I’ll change it later, I promise. Oh hold on... Sarah’s here with the foie gras. Yum! Long live client expenses, I say!


8th April 1:05pm

That does it. We’re closing this ridiculous blog, NOW. I’ve set up a new one over at Campaign. We go live tomorrow. Please, PLEASE be careful on it.

Oh, and Garry? If you’re cycling… mind how you go.