2nd January 1:43pm

Well Garry, this is it. I meant what I said when New Year’s came, as I held your cravat out of the way with you crouched over that toilet in Soho. Us Life On Mars D.C.I Tyler-style admen have to stick together in this new world of retweeting and Sky Plus. And that Web Twenty thing I keep reading about.

Anyway, I’ve set up this blog as a way of recording our thoughts – and perhaps even generating a bit of interest in the agency before launch. After all, we’re not much yet.

Incidentally, I had a bit of a think about the name. “Campbell Lace” is a bit obvious, isn’t it? Just having our names is fairly 90s – not the sort of thing we want to be associated with. I’ve jazzed it up; since we’re “still in development”, as it were, what about ... Campbell Lace Alpha? Perhaps that sounds pretentious but let’s use it as a working title. I’m sure we’ll think of something more creative before long.
What do you think of the blog?

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